what we do..

Advisory services


Building a new brewery? 

Upgrading existing kit?       

Battling with a brewing problem?...


We can help.

With Bright Beer, You have access to  comprehensive technical knowledge,  industry foresight, and practical experience.  We'll work with You in delivering effective solutions and measurable improvements to your Brand!

Product Development


Does your beer brand need a flagship brew? Maybe a suite of unique beers with distinct flavour profiles and ingredients? Comprehensive, qualified feedback on your existing brews?


Access our in-depth brewing, sensory and judging experience, alongside a proven record in delivering award-winning beers and unique recipes.

Process Auditng


 How well do you know your processes? Our auditing services 

help breweries identify specific opportunities for improving beer quality and operational efficiency. 


Strategic targeting and small, often inexpensive changes to SOP's and behaviors can significantly lower process time, reduce losses, while increasing batch consistency and your bottom line!  

Quality/ Sensory 
Quality/ Sensory 


Quality differentiates your beer. Quality beer builds trust with your customer, and adds credibility to paying for it over the many other beers on offer.  


Your targeted specifications, how they're measured, the standards you brew, ferment, cellar, and package to; all affect taste and stability of your finished product. With our help and the right data capture and analysis -all are easily controllable. 

Project Management


Every brewery project is unique, yet successful completion requires the same technical competence  .

From planning to execution, You decide the scope, budget, and can be as involved in the process as you want to be;

We establish timelines, choose the right partners, initiate, plan, execute, control and close the work team; delivering on time and within budget. 

Training & Development


With vast undergraduate

teaching experience, we're versed in conveying technical information in 

ways anyone can understand.  

Help your staff gain specific brewing knowledge and skills

building confidence and improve performance in their current roles.

From 1 on 1 tutoring to group 

workshops, we can deliver technical 

& sensory training programs

to suit your requirements.